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Empowering Brands to creatively tell their story through Mobile Apps & Games, PIXO’s experienced team of developers, programmers, designers and artists deliver complete creative mobile solutions with Intelligent, PUSH Enabled Analytics.

About PIXO


PIXO delivers deep, engaging interactive experiences that create and track user behavior. Global brands and agencies are using PIXO’s unique creative developments with advanced analytics to intelligently gauge user interaction within their applications and communicate directly with the users on their device. Be sure to check out our case studies for real world examples of how PIXO can deliver new levels of impact and success for you!

Mobile Revolution

With over 6 billion subscribers, mobile devices have become the world’s leading communications medium. This dwarfs the number of pay TV subscribers, which is projected at just over 900 million worldwide by the end of 2013. Companies that have historically relied on traditional forms of media to reach their customers are now compelled to embrace the mobile explosion to reach consumers in an increasingly digital culture.

PIXO's experience providing end to end mobile solutions is second to none, dating back to 2009 when this revolution was just a burgeoning rebellion. With a client list which includes America's Navy, Ford, National Geographic, Relativity, Buick, and Harman Kardon, PIXO enables clients to reach consumers anytime, anywhere!

Inspired Creativity

At PIXO, we understand that each client has specific needs and different ideas on how to reach their customers. We believe that each solution is like a "snowflake", unique in its message and approach. Our creative team of experienced designers has delivered unique solutions to dozens of satisfied clients. When amazing creativity is combined with our technology platform, we are consistently conceiving solutions that clients never envisioned as possible.

PIXO differs from other companies because we deliver the snowflake experience without the snowflake cost.

Technology For The Masses

PIXO has developed a scalable, platform agnostic, application platform, allowing us to provide unique end to end solutions at a lower cost and time to market than other companies. Using our 3D engine, we provide a unique, interactive client experience, incorporating media, hotlinks, and third party integrations such as Facebook and Twitter. But that is only the beginning! PIXO’s proprietary analytics and dashboards enable analysis of consumer interaction, allowing customized, real-time communications with clients via email, SMS or push notification.

PIXO is a true technology company, using our constantly evolving platform to provide added value. This creates an ongoing relationship between us and our clients which extends beyond successful delivery of a solution. Where other companies move on after delivery, we are just getting started!

Much More than Apps

The PIXO platform delivers solutions which go way beyond traditional mobile applications. Our 3D engine allows for an interactive experience that cannot be duplicated by other companies. Whether the application be educational, sales related, or purely entertainment, our combination of gaming, client specific content, and 3rd party integration ensures the end user remains engaged.

PIXO solutions don't stop with the initial user experience. Our application platform tracks every user interaction, which allows for unprecedented analytics capability. Segment users and deliver specific messages based on user data such as age, income level, geographic area. Messages can be delivered via any combination of email, SMS or push notification. Use funneling to track not only single events, but any specific series of events to determine exactly how users are interacting with your application. This allows for more targeted messaging as well as constant application improvement. Finally, clients can use PIXO's proprietary dashboards to measure effectiveness of their applications, as well as track user retention.

Our work

Our Story

  • In 2009 PIXOFACTOR was forged from Detroit's deep pool of artists, innovators and technical talent as a video game studio. We proved to be leaders in the industry, becoming the first company to be approved for the video game development tax credit, under the State of Michigan's new legislation. That innovative spirit endured as we pivoted PIXOFACTOR’s focus to mobile gaming in a tactical response to the release of the first generation IPad in 2010.

  • During the next two years, PIXO became a pioneer in the massive growth of mobile, investing in development of our own platform while generating powerful experiences for global brands in mobile space. This platform evolved from rapid development of our own games and apps, to expeditious deployment of original branded apps in many market verticals. All the while providing metrics and analytics to our clients, allowing them to better understand their customers' behavior and communicate directly with them.

  • Our mobile expertise combined with our creative backgrounds and understanding of Fortune 500 branding, enables our technology to assist global brands in reaching their target demographics with experiences that are deep, engaging and successful. PIXO’s scalable platform for mobile applications development provides the foundation for dynamic, content rich and cost-effective solutions for marketers that are as unique and innovative as their brand.

Client Love

  • “PIXO’s understanding of the value and market power of platform based development is the reason we are engaged with them. We anticipate huge growth with our new hardware in this space and we look forward to utilizing PIXO’s unique services to maturate and monetize that growth.”

    Kai Huang - Blue Goji
    Founder / CEO - Guitar Hero
  • “We came to PIXO for traditional marketing and they educated us, opening our eyes to the incredible power of mobile space. They are now leveraging that power for us.”

    Ron Ferber
    Founder / CEO - HoMedics
  • “We thought we wanted an animated video for our convention. PIXO showed us how valuable and effective a gamified marketing app would be for our customers in the education/learning industry. We’re already using them to launch our next product.”

    Kathy Gawronski
    Marketing Director - Cengage Learning
  • "Pixo is a fantastic partner whose solutions continually push the creative boundaries of the mobile space.”

    Sharad Devarajan
    Founder / CEO - Graphic India