We create memorable experiences that build relationships between a brand and their audience. We are dedicated to working with our clients, and applying our knowledge and innovation to their brand’s goals.

Our process will make creating a new experience for your customers a great experience for you, too.

Discover Client Goals

This is where we lay successful foundation for your project. You tell us the business goals you want to achieve, and about the customers you need to reach to achieve them. We create a roadmap and identify the tools and tech we will use to achieve your goals.

Develop a custom user experience

At Pixo, every successful project revolves around the user experience. Our UX experts invest serious time in getting to know who you want to reach, and crafting the very best experience for reaching them.

Digital development and engineering

Our engineers and developers use a powerful combination of technological expertise and Motor-City grit to create an immersive world for you. They do it all on our exclusive application platform, a platform we update constantly in anticipation of and harmony with tomorrow’s tech.

Onging analytics and optimization

When your project is launched, our work is just beginning. Our proprietary analytics and dashboards provide you with almost unlimited analysis of consumer interaction, and allow you to optimize and communicate directly with your customers in real time, via email, SMS or push notification.