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PIXO Virtual Reality Training is technology for human advancement.™
We help global enterprise solve the workforce training challenges of the 21st Century.

Improve Learning Retention

With advanced gamification techniques, we help trainees retain significantly more of what they learn.

Reduce Costly Errors

By leveraging sense-memory, our training significantly reduces human error in the completion of tasks.

Cultivate Workplace Safety

Engaging stories and simulated consequences transform safety from an abstract idea to a concrete reality.

Encourage Collaboration

Allow dozens of trainees to interact in one environment at one time — from any endpoint in the world.

Increase Training Efficiency

Using our methods, trainees learn the same material in 40-60% less time than with traditional training.

Cut Extra Costs

Save money on lost productivity due to down-time, the expense of travel, and frequency of incidents.

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Evolve your workforce and create a new reality.

Our Virtual Reality Training solutions provide trainees hands-on job experience in a risk-free environment, turning errors into learning opportunities. With groundbreaking features, jaw-dropping 3D graphics, and behavior-changing active learning narratives designed by experts, we make safety and skills training employees want to do — not something they have to do.

Our Valued Customers

Peoples Gas
Cengage Learning
Henry Ford Health System
BI Worldwide
America's Navy


PixoVR Featured on CNBC

PIXO VR was recently featured by cable business news network CNBC as a leader in Virtual Reality Training, saving global enterprise millions of dollars — and more importantly, lives.

Improve efficiency and collaboration with Multi-user Functionality.

Our first-to-market Multi-user Functionality allows up to dozens of trainees to learn, practice, and interact at once — all in a single environment. Train independently or with an instructor — on-site or from any endpoint in the world. Overcome logistical challenges and cost with VR Training that builds teams while breaking barriers.

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Close the skills & experience gap with Scenario Randomization.

Our state-of-the-art Scenario Randomization gets new hires up-to-speed faster by exposing them to literally millions of different workplace situations and scenarios, providing a career’s worth of job experience in days or even hours. Want to focus on individual skills? Lessons can also be repeated to perfection.

Innovative Scenario Randomization

Innovative Scenario Randomization

Innovative Scenario Randomization

Gain visibility and insight with Real-Time Reporting & Analytics.

Find out what your employees know and what they need to work on with our Real-Time Reporting & Analytics. Trainees get actionable feedback with instant scoring and grading while training managers and employers get unprecedented clarity into employee capabilities with in-depth data collection that reveals micro- and macro-level trends.

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics


HP PixoVR - The clevr way to train your workforce

PIXO VR and HP are joining forces to bring Virtual Reality Training to enterprise around the world. Our goal is nothing less than to provide global business with a complete, out-of-the-box, VR Training solution — hardware and software, end-to-end.

Feature-rich software that delivers seamless integration and ongoing value.

Multi-platform Deployment

Multi-platform deployment

PIXO VR Training can be deployed on multiple VR platforms, including HTC Vive and Vive Pro, the HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset & Backpack, and others.

User Authentication & Management

Create training profiles at the individual or team-level. Our robust data collection yields both immediate and long-term insights that can be leveraged to optimize all training programs.

Set-up, Support & Updates

We help you implement our solutions with hardware & software set-up and ongoing tech support. What’s more, unlike static training our web-based platform keeps content evergreen with periodic updates.

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