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PIXO VR has been building groundbreaking digital experiences since 2009. CEO Sean Hurwitz founded the company based on a belief in the power of technology to unlock human potential and realize limitless possibilities. In our early years, PIXO had one of the first apps in the Apple iPad Store and early titles in the burgeoning video game space.

With the arrival of the Oculus, Virtual Reality announced its viability for business and consumer markets. Presented with the opportunity, Hurwitz knew it was time to act.  

Assembling a truly all-star team of talent — award-winning graphic artists, pioneering VR engineers, and AAA-game designers — Hurwitz and the new PIXO VR got to work.

Head of Product Development, Ben Mazza, immediately recognized the need for, and value of this technology — not just for entertainment, but for enterprise. Using the logic involved in gaming combined with custom world building, Mazza and the design and development team set out to create fully immersive, photo-realistic training environments for high-stakes industries for whom physical training would prove too costly, difficult, or dangerous.

Today, PIXO VR is innovating cutting edge software solutions for verticals such as construction, manufacturing, heavy industry, energy and utilities, and public safety that provide a better way to train and learn, leading to dramatic improvements in performance, collaboration, efficiency, and safety.

Why engage the PIXO VR Team for your Virtual Reality Training solution?

PIXO VR specializes in Virtual Reality Training for enterprise because we believe to make the world better, you need to make it smarter. We don't believe in tech for tech's sake, we believe in tech for humanity's sake.


Experience matters - particularly with new technology. PIXO VR has developed state-of-the-art VR experiences for Fortune 500 companies, institutions of higher learning, heavy industry, manufacturing, the energy and utilities sector, and the United States Armed Forces.


PIXO VR is at the vanguard of VR innovation, introducing first-to-market features such as multi-user functionality, CAD-to-VR design, fire and fluid dynamics...and a few R&D projects we are literally not allowed to tell you about.

Meet Our Team

  • Surrounded by All-Star players, Sean works to provide leadership, vision and strategy to the team, in addition to outside stakeholders.

    Sean Hurwitz
  • Ben Leads the PIXO creative team. He loves to seek out, master and create for new technology. He could spend literally every day doing this.

    Benjamin Mazza
    Head of Product Development
  • Todd Kuehnl is a pioneer in VR/AR technology. Discovered by Bell Labs/AT&T GIS at 19, Todd has worked as a senior engineer, technical director, and senior architect for AAA-game studios, CGI/VFX houses, and received commercial credits from publishers like EA, Take2, Disney and Microsoft.

    Todd Kuehnl
    Technical Director
  • Marco

    Marco Maceri
    Director of Marketing
  • Joe leads the 3D art team and provides highly optimized 3D assets without sacrificing quality. His background in Indie game development streamlined his 3D asset creation pipelines. He also likes cats.

    Joe Grabowski
    Art Director
  • Erica leads the sales team for PIXO Group. She believes VR is going to change the world and is passionate about helping people use our technology to make a positive impact.

    Erica Schaffel
    VP of Sales
  • Josh Oziemski
    Software Developer
  • With an appreciation for detail and all things organized, Heather works to inspire and support creativity and increase the PIXO VR Team

    Heather Severs
    Office Manager
  • Yaakuro is a senior software engineer focused on R&D and Unreal Engine Development. He bots-in daily from Germany to the PIXO VR Headquarters in Michigan. Yaakuro was one of the first developers to get SteamVR and Unreal working on Linux.

    Senior Software Engineer
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