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Get to Know Us

PIXO creates digital products for human development.

From day one, PIXO sought to create groundbreaking digital experiences. Founded in 2009, CEO Sean Hurwitz believed in unfolding limitless possibilities through technology. PIXO had one of the first apps in the Apple iPad Store and early titles in the burgeoning video game space.

When virtual reality announced its firm arrival with the Oculus, PIXO’s team of developers and artists got to work with VR. The company’s background in gaming, design and enterprise projects transitioned perfectly to this new space.

Creative Director Ben Mazza clearly saw the potential for this technology to be applied to areas outside of entertainment. The logic involved in gaming, combined with custom world building, meant safe training environments for the world’s most dangerous jobs.

Today, PIXO is a software developer for industrial, energy and utility companies that are committed to providing the safest training available: virtual reality training.


PIXO is exclusively a virtual reality training company, because we know this technology will make people better at their jobs - and therefore safer.


Since virtual reality technology took off, PIXO has developed experiences for Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, and the manufacturing and utility industries.


Proprietary features like “multi-participant” are being researched and developed by PIXO’s R&D team. These platform features help keep clients benefiting from the latest tech.


  • Surrounded by All-Star players, Sean works to provide leadership, vision and strategy to the team, in addition to outside stakeholders.

    Sean Hurwitz
  • Ben Leads the PIXO creative team. He loves to seek out, master and create for new technology. He could spend literally every day doing this.

    Benjamin Mazza
    Creative Director
  • Pixo Groups mad scientist. He is at the forefront of developing our cutting edge techonolgy.

    Todd Kuehnl
    Technical Director
  • Dominic has been with PIXO Group since 2010. He makes his own beats, markets to the masses, and delights on the daily.

    Dominic Chiudioni
    Marketing Director
  • Joe leads the 3D art team and provides highly optimized 3D assets without sacrificing quality. His background in Indie game development streamlined his 3D asset creation pipelines. He also likes cats.

    Joe Grabowski
    Art Director
  • Erica leads the sales team for PIXO Group. She believes VR is going to change the world and is passionate about helping people use our technology to make a positive impact.

    Erica Schaffel
    VP of Sales
  • Josh Oziemski
    Software Developer
  • With an appreciation for detail and all things organized, Heather works to inspire ultimate creativity and increase effectiveness of the Pixo team.

    Heather Severs
    Office Manager
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