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fall hazard training they won't forget.

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Demonstrate the importance of heights safety like never before.

Every year, hundreds of workers die in falls. In almost every case, those incidents could have been prevented.

As a safety and skills training company, we refuse to accept those numbers. We refuse to accept ‘good enough’.

That’s why PIXO VR thinkers and makers created the most exciting, engaging, and effective fall protection and prevention training ever developed for the construction industry — because when lives are on the line, ‘good enough’ isn’t good enough.


PIXO VR Fall Protection takes fall hazard training out of theory and brings it into vivid practice with three critical, hands-on, challenges for trainees:

Multi-point Safety Harness Inspection

Inspect and choose from various fall arrest harnesses and other fall protection equipment with randomized defects. Don’t just assume your gear is sound — take precautions and know it is.

Tools & Harness Tie-off Training

Tie-off your life line to the correct anchor locations, safely secure your tools, and complete your task — but remember, mistakes at 400 feet can have serious impact. Literally.

Fall Protection Practical Assessment

Based on your decisions, experience first-hand the potentially deadly results of serious mistakes or dangerous oversights with pulse-pounding simulated consequences.


Give trainees a chance to learn, practice, and be assessed on their abilities with the best Virtual Reality Training available on the market today.

Keep Trainees Alert & Engaged with Scenario Randomization

Using our first-to-market Scenario Randomization feature, challenge trainees to choose the right personal fall arrest system — every time — by presenting them with countless randomized defects.

Learn & Practice in Fully Immersive 3D Environments

Dissolve the barrier between virtual and actual reality with our award-winning, fully immersive & interactive, photo-realistic, 3D work environments. The worlds our artists create are just like the real one — without the cost and risk.

High Res Screenshot 03

Improve Decision Making with Simulated Real-Life Consequences

Demonstrate to trainees in jaw-dropping 3D realism the terrifying consequences of even a temporary lapse in judgement or a failure to observe proper safety protocols when working at heights.

Scenes from PIXO VR Fall Protection

Arresting Stats on Fall Arrest Safety...

of all construction deaths involve falls

of those killed didn’t use a fall arrest system

of construction deaths occur within 2 months on the job

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