Practice HazMat First Responder Operations in a risk-free virtual environment.

Don't think your team is ready — know they are.

Each year, tens of thousands of incidents involving hazardous materials (HazMat) occur on public roads and highways due to vehicle accidents. For first responders, realistic training for these emergencies is critical to preventing death or serious injury. That’s why we created the most intense, realistic, and engaging First Responder Operations experience on the market today.

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PIXO VR First Responder Operations (HazMat)


PIXO VR First Responder Operations offers first responder trainees a chance to practice and be assessed on their ability to correctly manage a potentially deadly Hazardous Materials incident — before they have to in real life.

Communication & Collaboration

Work collaboratively with your team to ensure everyone is on the same page and appropriately relaying crucial information with one another.

Identification of Hazardous Materials

Know what HazMat you’re dealing with by properly examining labels, containers, shipping manifests, and transport vessels.

Response Actions & Hazard Management

Make sure your actions and decisions are the correct ones, and that you’re effectively managing potentially harmful chemicals.

Proper Application of the ERG

Ensure your whole team is properly observing the critical protocols contained in the Emergency Response Guidebook.

Keep trainees engaged with randomized First Responder Operations scenarios.

Practice and assess trainees' communication, awareness, and decision-making abilities in a variety of challenging emergency response situations.

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