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Gas Meter Inspection

A Virtual Reality Training Experience for the Utilities Industry

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For the Utilities Industry, it's training that's just like the real world — only better.

In Gas Meter Inspection, trainees are asked to perform a routine residential gas meter inspection — but there's a catch. They must inspect it for leaks, damage, or tampering from among millions of randomized configurations and potential hazards. Not so 'routine' anymore, is it?
Gas meter safety inspection training is one of the first and most critical lessons given to new hires working for natural gas delivery supplier, Peoples Gas. Exposing new workers to all the possible meter configurations and defects simply wasn't feasible, creating a significant experience gap between new and seasoned workers. Peoples Gas approached PIXO VR to develop a more efficient and effective way to expose trainees to millions of scenarios in a fraction of the time.

The Peoples Gas training team was looking for innovative, engaging, effective ways to train new team members, especially as we prepare for a large portion of our workforce to retire and a new generation of workers to begin their careers. PIXO’s VR training enables us to train workers on natural gas leak investigation, emergency response, pipeline locating, pipeline installation, meter installation, corrosion activities and safety inspections. It is the right solution to help us build for the future, increase retention, decrease errors and maintain our excellent record of reliability and safety.

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Manager, Technical Training, Peoples Gas & North Shore Gas Company

Here's how we did it...

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Scenario randomization
PIXO VR's randomization engine generates millions of unique meter configurations, defects, and location combinations. Randomization provides a unique training experience for each user — every time they train — keeping trainees perpetually engaged and increasing motivation to improve skills over time. 
'Real life' environments and tools
Photorealistic 3D environments, including a simulated gas detection tool, which detects and reports on invisible gas leaks that may or may not be present. The realism of the environment and tools used are critical for full immersion and increased learning retention.
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In-depth tracking and real-time reporting
PIXO VR's advanced data collection and real-time reporting features provide organizations with greatly enhanced visibility into the capacity of their team and enables trainers to report on trainee performance, accuracy, and progress over time.

Capabilities include:
  • Gaze tracking to monitor trainees' thoroughness of visual inspection
  • Error tracking to ascertain what trainees know — and what they need to work on 
  • Timed training sessions to ensure employees do the job efficiently
We're building new realities, every day.
PIXO VR thinkers and makers are always adding new content to our library of VR Training experiences. If you didn't find what you were looking for today, visit again soon for updates on our latest modules, or get in touch with us to discuss a fully custom VR Training solution for your business.


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