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OSHA Safety Sweep

A Virtual Reality Training Experience for Manufacturing & General Industry

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Safety doesn't happen by accident — experience hazard recognition training like no one has before.

In OSHA Safety Sweep, explore a 20,000 sq. ft., 3D, virtual workspace to practice hazard recognition and suggest corrective actions for potentially dangerous scenarios. Just be sure to pay close attention — with our scenario randomization engine, the hazards can (and will) change.
VR Safety Training to Change Employee Behavior, Improve Performance, and Create a Culture of Safety. 
The mission of OSHA is to save lives, prevent injuries and protect the health of American workers. Training programs that increase occupational safety and health knowledge are imperative to avoiding accidents, injury, and even death. And yet, OSHA certified employees still miss or ignore hazards on the job, leading to costly mistakes.

PIXO's VR OSHA Safety Sweep provides a fully immersive, hands-on, 3D experience that not only teaches safety requirements, but also reinforces the importance of compliance. Trainees are given a chance to "do it
before they do it", testing their knowledge and -- crucially -- allowing them to make mistakes everyone walks away, sound, and skilled.
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Scenarios that are both repeatable and randomized
PIXO's VR OSHA Safety Sweep allows for cost-effective, repeatable practice that's not always feasible in the physical world. At the same time, as employers know, not every situation can possibly be covered in a textbook. Our training keeps employees both mentally and physically engaged with millions of randomized scenarios that could impact performance, safety, and cost.

Built with OSHA General Industry Standards as the focus, this is the perfect tool to refresh and reinforce workers' 10-hour and 30-ho
ur OSHA skills. 
Different modes to learn different skills
In SafetySweep mode:  Trainees navigate a sprawling, photo-realistic work space called, 'The Warehouse', isolating and identifying potential OSHA violations, such as faulty equipment, improper storage of hazardous materials, and even fellow employees that may not be in compliance themselves. Trainees leverage their knowledge of OSHA General Industry Safety Compliance standards, suggesting fixes from a list of corrective actions. In-depth tracking and real-time reporting provides employers visibility into what trainees know, and what they need to work on. 

In Root Cause Investigation mode: Trainees see the consequences of non-compliance, and what happens when OSHA standards are overlooked or violated. Employees visit the scene of an accident where an injury or death has occurred. Using their knowledge of OSHA compliance standards, they must thendetermine how the accident took place, and what could have prevented the situation.

In Emergency Response mode: Trainees experience a simulated emergency, where their actions and decisions play a direct role in keeping themselves and their co-workers safe. From common problems to full-blown disasters, these scenarios help prepare your workforce for anything. 

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Real-life environments, tools, and team collaboration
While aspects of gamification keep trainees fully engaged, when you're in the PIXO VR headset, you quickly realize: this is no game. Real-life sights and sounds dissolve the barriers between virtual and actual reality, and simulated tools provide an encompassing sense of realism that helps boost retention rates up to 80%.

With PIXO VR's first-to-market multi-user functionality, dozens of trainees can interact and collaborate at the same time; they can even compete for the right answers and best scores, building chemistry, morale, and positive peer pressure. And with VR technology, space is no longer a challenge -- trainees can log-in and participate either on-site or from thousands of miles away.

All this ensures that each member of your team becomes an active part of a Culture of Safety.
In-depth tracking and real-time reporting
One of the truly unique aspects of PIXO's virtual reality safety and compliance training is our unparalleled capacity to track, record, and report critical data for employers, instructors, and trainees. Reporting happens in real-time, allowing for instantaneous feedback and correction -- well before errors lead to costly on-the-job mistakes. Reports can also be fully customized according to need, allowing a degree of insight into trainee performance that has ramifications that go well beyond the trainees themselves, extending into the overall health and effectiveness of the organization or company leveraging our proprietary software.

If knowledge is power, PIXO VR Training empowers not just new trainees and current employees, but the business itself.
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