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VR Training for Energy and Utilities

Close the experience gap and train the Next Generation Workforce with confidence.

PIXO VR Training for Energy and Utilities — a smarter, better way to train.

The impact of a serious skilled labor shortage is being felt across industries, none more so than in energy & utilities. Trusted employees with deep stores of professional knowledge are gradually being replaced by a new generation that learns differently than those that came before.

Staffing and training is getting more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive; you can't just hand a new recruit a three-ring binder of important training materials and hope for the best. With a serious experience and skills gap and high turnover come increased risks of mistakes, injuries, and costly litigation. 

The energy and utilities industries need a training solution capable of improving job performance, efficiency, and workplace safety — all while reducing cost and risk. 
That's not an easy thing to do — but neither is keeping the lights on and the water flowing. 

Some important stats...

of businesses report difficulty hiring qualified workers


say labor shortage a bigger concern than federal regulations


of electric & gas employees eligible to retire in the next decade

They say experience is the best teacher. We agree. 

From basic skills to complex lessons, PIXO VR Training for Energy and Utilities teaches and reinforces better than any classroom exercise or desktop computer-based training ever could, leading to improvements in recall accuracy and a reduction in errors — all in less time than with traditional training methods.

Rather than passively lecture them, we allow trainees to actively engage with, and practice in, a fully immersive 3D environment that turns mistakes into learning opportunities and builds emotional connections with subject matter developed by experts.  

Combined with groundbreaking features, we train the best way possible — through hands-on, personal experience.
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  • Our Randomization Engine at work
Our first-to-market Randomization Engine helps close the experience gap and enhance decision-making by rapidly exposing trainees to millions of scenarios, keeping them engaged and displaying their range of knowledge.

Trainees can also focus on developing specific skills by repeating scenarios to virtual perfection.
  • Multi-User Functionality
Create efficiency and improve collaboration by training up to dozens of employees at one time in a single environment, with or without an instructor, with participants joining a session either on-site or from thousands of miles away.

Overcome logistical challenges and build your team better and faster with another PIXO VR first — Multi-User VR.
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Our advanced data tracking & reporting allows you to reduce risk and increase visibility into how employees work and learn. We make training more effective with real-time scoring and reporting for instant feedback.  

Gain critical insight, either at the individual user- or team-level, into what your trainees know — and what needs work.

Find immediate, cost-effective solutions to training challenges in our Content Library.

We're constantly adding new VR Training experiences to our expanding Content Library, available for as low as $475/month. Contact us for more details.


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