VR Training for First Responders

Learn, practice, and assess a variety of first responder and emergency protocols.


Transform the way you train your emergency management and response teams with Virtual Reality simulations. Because training that is realistic, immersive and repeatable, reduces risk of injury and exposure.

PIXO virtual reality training is designed for emergency personnel to:
  • Conduct multi-modal, multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional exercises across a wide spectrum of incidents
  • Cost-effectively maintain proficiency in disaster management training for all responders regardless of rank.

First Responder VR Training Features

Key Benefits

PIXO VR training is multi-participant, cost effective and repeatable.


  • Multiple participants collaborate on different tasks.
  • Participate from any location, on any VR or non-VR device.
  • Build scenarios for command and/or response teams. Interact with virtual objects to practice real procedures.
  •  Sessions are repeatable with almost infinite variation.
  • Realistic environments maximize engagement and retention.
  •  Proprietary technology allows us to deliver faster.


Life-like and real-time liquid simulations. Whether its water, waves, gas, chemicals or foam, they all behave, interact and react to virtual objects as they would in real life.


  • Large scale water simulations such as city flooding, river flows, overflow of levees, wave crashing and tides.
  • Fire hose management for water and foam, with different spray modes.
  • Accurately models pressure and temperature characteristics.
  • Scenario-specific procedures such as the need to evacuate an area.


Real-time fire and smoke simulations. Materials such as oil, gas, wood, tires, cabs, plaster and drywall burn and interact with realistic virtual objects.


  • Fuel sources react and are consumed depending on the material’s specific parameters.
  • Fire and smoke accurately simulate how different materials ignite and spread to other objects, depending on wind direction, weather, etc.
  • Trainers can change the combustible material’s flash point, and Nitro automatically adjusts.

First Responder VR Training Modules

Technology for Human Advancement


  • Active Shooter
  • Apartment Fire
  • Hazmat Containment
  • Delayed Explosion Evacuation
  • Multiple Patient Triage
  • Crisis Control Center
  • Emergency Operations Center
  • Multi-Alarm Incident
  • Building Damage Assessments
  • Chlorine Leak
  • Fire/Arson Investigation

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