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VR Training for Manufacturing

Create efficiency and reduce cost with a more productive approach to training.

PIXO VR Training for Manufacturing will change how your business works and learns.

Manufacturing is making a comeback — but a serious shortage of skilled labor is holding things up. Job openings go unfilled as companies spend huge sums to attract new talent, reducing productivity while increasing cost. To top it off, there's the ever-present problem of labor retention and high turnover. 

In an industry that puts a premium on efficiency, a fast-retiring workforce and shrinking pool of qualified workers to replace them is a recipe for waste, added expense, and costly mistakes.
What Manufacturing and General Industry need is a smarter, faster way to grow their teams' capabilities...without growing their training budgets.

What they need is an 'assembly line' for creating skilled workers. So we built one — virtually. 
Some important stats...

of Mfg. executives agree there is a skills gap


of Mfrs. willing to pay higher than market rate to fill jobs


of Mfrs. say skills gap will impact ability to meet demand

Mfg. jobs to go unfilled due to skilled labor shortage this decade

Let PIXO VR be the supply chain for your workforce training needs.

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For the Manufacturing Sector, efficiency is critical. Deadlines must be met, rain or shine, and delays in production can cripple productivity and profit. In an industry where the margin for error is so slight, the quality and skill of a company's workers can make the difference between success or failure — a competitive edge or a major liability. 

PIXO VR Training improves improves performance, creates efficiency, cultivates safety, and reduces risk, errors, and cost.

Our fully immersive & interactive VR Training experiences teach and reinforce skills the best way possible — through personal experience — all in a risk-free, photo-realistic virtual environment that turns once-costly mistakes into critical learning opportunities.

Multi-User Functionality

Greatly improve efficiency and team collaboration. Train up to dozens of employees at once, in one environment — from anywhere in the world.

Randomized Scenarios

Train the best way — through experience. Expose trainees to a career's worth of real-life scenarios in hours or days with our Randomization Engine.

Data Tracking & Reporting

Get critical visibility into your workforce. Track employee progress with advanced data tracking and real-time reporting at the team or individual user level.


OSHA Safety Sweep

Need something specific? Get Custom VR Training for your business.
Working with our award-winning team of 3D artists, designers, and engineers, build a custom Virtual Reality Training experience for your business. Contact us today to discuss your company or organization's training objectives and get a consultation with a VR Training expert.


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